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Tips for Parents

*Talk and LISTEN objectively to your child daily.
*Spend time at school-become part of the operation.
*Be a good example-"anytime you speak to another person in a mean or abusive way, you are teaching your child that bullying is ok." (Education.com)
*Educate your child about bullying.  Teach that it is NEITHER normal or tolerable for them to bully, be bullied, or stand by and watch others be bullied.
*Coach children on not pushing, teasing or being mean, rather to be kind, empathic, and willing to take turns.


What can witnesses do?

*Support the victim-"Hey, the advisory teacher was looking for you just a few moments ago.  I'll help you find him/her."
*Distract the bully- "The dean of students was coming up that hallway about ten seconds ago."
*Indicate a strength of the victim-"Wow, do I ever need your help with this math homework.  Can you please give me a hand?"
*Report what was observed to a trusted adult.
*Identify with a strong and confident voice that the bullying is WRONG.



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