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District Staff Directory

Following is the current staff directory for Peru Elementary School District 124. To email any employee of the school district, use the first initial and last name (for example: jcraven) followed by @perued.net. Here is the contact information for each school and the district office, including addresses, maps and phone numbers. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you.

District Staff

Jamie Craven, Superintendent of Schools

Megan Baltikauski, Administrative Assistant

Jeanine Sonnenberg, Bookkeeper

Kim Evans, Director of Student Support Services

Stephanie Lippert, Administrative Assistant

Tony Carlson, Information Technology Director

Kim Lamps, School Nurse

Northview Elementary School

Sara McDonald, Principal

Heather Baker, Assistant Principal

Judy Hubbard, Secretary

Bethany Tinkler, Secretary

Sally Etzenbach, Speech

Angie Lamps, Speech

Kelly Schaefer, Speech

Mindy Davis, Social Worker

Kris Criss, Kindergarten

Tara Duncan, Kindergarten

Chris Goodman, Kindergarten

Ronda Iossi, Kindergarten

Lindsay Ferrari, 1st Grade

Kelli Funfsinn, 1st Grade

Alexis Rebholz, 1st Grade

Jessica Urbanc, 1st Grade

Olivia Boucek, 2nd Grade

Megan Einhaus, 2nd Grade

Thea McNamara, 2nd Grade

Maribeth Patyk, 2nd Grade

Beth Haskell, 2nd Grade

Cinnamon Bosnich, 3rd Grade

Carol Happ, 3rd Grade

Sally Kampwerth, 3rd Grade

Colleen Schmidt, 3rd Grade

Sarah Fowler-Haag, 4th Grade

Nikki Chase, 4th Grade

Erika Echeverria, 4th Grade

Rod Janssen, 4th Grade

Carolyn Foster, Physical Education

Matt Guenther, Physical Education

Sarah Wick, Art

Sarah Breyne, Vocal Music

Julie Chasteen, Developmental Preschool

Mollie Benner, Special Education

Jessica Heiberger, Special Education

Michele Meyer, Special Education

Cassie Milus, Special Education

Amy Perona, Special Education

Cindy Vaske, Special Education

Heather Hardin, Title I and Reading Recovery

Shelley May, Title I and Reading Recovery 

Melissa Cass, Reading

Pam Beck, Math Intervention

Mallori Fahler, Preschool

Eleanor Cullinan, Preschool

Melissa Preston, Preschool

Jennifer Znaniecki, Parent Coordinator and Paraprofessional

Tanya Knowles, Media Center Clerk

Amanda Cabrera, Paraprofessional

Meghan Vasin, Paraprofessional

Beth Coutre, Paraprofessional

Lisa Donnell, Paraprofessional

Lisa Dresbach, Paraprofessional

Kathy Ellerbrock, Paraprofessional

Kathy Kasap, Paraprofessional

Karen Koplin, Paraprofessional

Amy Lund, Paraprofessional

Lisa Michael, Paraprofessional

Jenifer Miranda, Paraprofessional

Jennifer Shonk, Paraprofessional

Kelsey Suarez , Paraprofessional

Janessa Larsen, Paraprofessional

Reagan Shea, Paraprofessional

Peyton Wenzel, Paraprofessional

Bryana Esquivel, Paraprofessional

Tenille Bankson, Paraprofessional

Tina Buffo, Paraprofessional 

Carmen Mata, Spanish Tutor

Holly Buczkowski, Food Service

Rebecca Wicinski, Food Service

Sue Zeman, Food Service

Jim Dziarnowski, Head Custodian

Jack Tipton, Custodian

Jason Caresio, Custodian

Parkside Middle School

Brent Ziegler, Principal

Melissa Bosnich, Assistant Principal

Jessica Beem, Administrative Assistant

Gina Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Angie Lamps, Speech

Julie Miller, Social Worker

Tara Backes, 5th Grade

Dinelle Freschi, 5th Grade

Abby Holman, 5th Grade

Michele Smudzinski, 5th Grade

Tammy Carey, 6th Grade

Rhonda Giachetto, 6th Grade

Corrine Kimes, 6th Grade

Jason Thompson, 6th Grade

Lyric Goskusky, 7th Grade

Jade Hubinsky, 7th Grade

Alexia Donovan, 7th Grade

Hailey Bickett, 7th Grade

Glenn Hall, 8th Grade

Karole Ochs, 8th Grade

Mary Jo Sonnenberg, 8th Grade

Rachel Berger, 8th Grade

Matt Guenther, Physical Education

Kate Kolczaski, Physical Education

Wes Miller, Physical Education

Tara Washkowiak, Art

Phil Whaley, Instrumental Music

Connor DeWalt, Vocal Music 

Bridget Wilmot, Choral Accompanist

Michayla Fassino, Special Education

Abby Kotecki, Special Education

Molly Leone, Special Education

Beth Rich, Special Education

Alyssa Stuart, Special Education 

Katie Budnick, Instructional Technology

Katie Meyer, Reading and Enrichment

Lori Miller, Math Consultant

Sue Atilano, ELA/ELL/Spanish

Beth Hickey, Media Center Clerk

Gillian Sondgeroth, Paraprofessional

Abigale Baker, Paraprofessional

Gwen Hanford, Paraprofessional

Jennifer Heagy, Paraprofessional

Lisa Tate, Paraprofessional

Toni Moss, Food Service Director

Chrystal Hancock, Food Service

Chad Bartolucci, Head Custodian

Dave Meyer, Custodian

Dio Rios, Custodian

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Peru Elementary District 124 1800 Church Street Peru, IL  61354

Phone: 815-223-1111 FAX: 815-223-0490

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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