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2019-20 Registration, Fees and School Supplies

Proof of Residence Required

Registration day has passed, so please contact your child's school at 815-223-1111 to complete the registration process. Following are the important details, and please contact us with any questions at all.


School Supply Lists

Our Parent-Teacher Club organizes the School Tool Box online supply ordering program, and the deadline for ordering has passed. For those who did not utilize the program this year, here is the 2019-20 school supply list. We have simplified the list of necessary items, which we hope is a cost saver for you as parents whether you purchase through School Tool Box or prefer to shop on your own.


2019-20 Registration, Breakfast and Lunch Fees

Registration fees are $75 for all K-8 students, in addition to a $25 per student technology fee. Separate and additional fees are collected for breakfast and lunch, Parkside physical education, 8th grade graduation gowns and for students who will be participating in music activities. Student breakfast is $1.50 per meal and student lunch is $2.35 per meal. Reduced price information based upon family income eligibility guidelines will be available during registration. Also, families will be notified if their child(ren) have been directly certified through the State of Illinois to receive free lunch benefits. This notification will be mailed out from the district office in mid-July. Here is a list of the 2019-20 registration fees.


"Class Lists" Posted Electronically
In the interest of protecting your child's confidentiality, this year we are taking a different approach from posting class lists publicly. To find out your child's homeroom teacher, you will need to log in to TeacherEase (available under the link and also under the Quick Links section of www.perued.net or under Parent Resources). Parkside parents will be able to access your child's information including his or her homeroom once registration begins on Tuesday, August 6. Northview parents will be able to access your child's homeroom information beginning at noon on Wednesday, August 14. If you do not currently access TeacherEase, you will want to set up your account as soon. This is very important for viewing your child's academic performance in grades 2 - 8, paying breakfast, lunch and other fees, and making certain your contact information is current.
E-Mail and Cell Phone Requirement
If you have not already done so, you will need to verify (or provide if still needed) your personal email address and cell phone numbers so that we can communicate with you throughout the school year. This is very important, and you can change your number anytime after registration by calling your child's school office. Virtually everyone has an email address and if for some reason you don't, our staff can help you set up a Gmail or other account free of charge. This is very important for how we communicate with you, and it is also required for programs such as TeacherEase. This is very important, and we appreciate your cooperation


Online Fee Payment Option

Our online fee payment system is provided as a convenience to parents for paying registration, breakfast, lunch and other necessary fees online with your personal credit or debit card. In person registration is still required, but this will be another option for parents to pay fees not only at registration, but also throughout the school year.


Online fee payments are made through TeacherEase and if you wish to pay online at registration, you must bring your current TeacherEase username and password. Parents and students with an iPhone can also download the TeacherEase app from the App Store, but not yet available for android devices at this time. Parents of students who are new to the district, or who have not previously had an email address on file with the district, will not be able to pay fees online on registration day, but will be able to do so going forward once the email address is on file and the student is registered. Also, graduation, yearbook, Raider Gear and similar fees cannot be paid online.


Finally, please be aware that there are convenience fees associated with online payments, none of which are collected by the school district. There is a $0.31 fee from TeacherEase for each transaction regardless of the total amount, as well as a 2.987% charge from the financial institutions for the total transaction. Please plan accordingly and let us know if you have any questions about this at all.


Proof of Residency in the District is Required

Illinois statute requires public school students to be residents of the districts they attend. Due to the number of families who wish to enroll their children in Peru Elementary School District 124, this law is stringently followed in the district, and we do not take students on a tuition basis from other districts. To enroll a child in Peru ESD 124, permanent residency of the custodial parent or legal guardian, as well as the child, is absolutely required.


All custodial parents and legal guardians are REQUIRED to provide TWO FORMS of evidence of CURRENT RESIDENCY within the boundaries of the school district. There are no exceptions to this very important requirement. Proof of residency must include a driver's license or other state-issued identification. The second identification must include your name and address, ideally in the form of a current City of Peru and/or Ameren utility bill. Registration will not be allowed without absolute proof of residence, regardless of past attendance in the districtAnyone who relies on an affidavit for proof of residency should expect a follow up residence check in the coming days after registration.


Again, it is highly recommended that you provide the documentation requested if at all possible. We do recognize that there are rare exceptions particularly for people who rent, but we do have an obligation that people who say they live in the district actually do so. If it is found that a child is illegally registered in the district, that child will immediately be removed from district enrollment and other legal means may be pursued, including the charge of out-of-district tuition for each day the child was illegally enrolled.


Please be honest with us, and expect the district to verify residency as needed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this important matter. If you have any questions, please contact the Superintendent of Schools Mark Cross at 815-223-1111 (extension 5).


Birth Certificates

All students enrolling in the district for the first time are required to present a certified birth certificate, which can be obtained from the county in which the child was born.


Opening Day and the 2019-20 Calendar

The first day of student attendance is Wednesday, August 21 for kindergarten through 8th grade, and the first day for preschool children is Monday, August 26. The first three days of school as well as each Friday throughout the school year will run on the Parkside 1:50 p.m. and Northview 2:05 p.m. dismissal schedule. Also effective with the start of the 2019-20 school year, regular dismissal times between the two schools will be 3:05 p.m. at Parkside and 3:20 p.m. at Northview. Please view the 2019-20 calendar here or under the calendar button on the right.


2019-20 Student Handbooks

Parents are responsible for reading and understanding the content of the student handbooks, and will need to sign off on this at the time of registration, or at the time they have reviewed the content. Unless parents request a hard copy, we are now only providing electronic versions of the handbooks as both a convenience to you, as well as a cost savings to the district. Here is the 2019-20 Northview Student Handbook and here is the 2019-20 Parkside Student Handbook. Please read these over and contact any office or administrator with any questions or concerns at all before signing the form at registration.


IESA Sports Physicals

Students participating in any athletic activities throughout the school year must have a completed physical examination prior to the first day of practice for their season. For those interested, representatives from Illinois Valley Community Hospital will be present at Parkside throughout registration on Tuesday, August 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to administer IESA sports physical examinations, which will be effective for one calendar year. The cost for these physicals is $20.00 per student.


Immunization and Physical, Dental and Eye Exam Requirements

According to the Illinois School Code and Board of Education Policy 7:100all students are required to show evidence of a physical health examination and proper immunizations upon entrance to any Illinois public school for the first time, including preschool, kindergarten, grade 6, grade 9 or when transferring from a school outside of Illinois. Students not in compliance may not attend school until meeting the requirements. Religious and medical exemptions can be made according to the documentation included in the Board policy link above.


All physical exams are due by the FIRST DAY of student attendance. In addition to the physical examination requirements list above, students in kindergarten, second and sixth grades must provide evidence of a completed dental exam. Students entering kindergarten must provide evidence of a vision exam performed by licensed Illinois optometrist or ophthalmologist. This is also due on the first day of school. Students new to the district must participate in speech and language screening.


Vision and Hearing Screenings

All children enrolling in kindergarten and any student enrolling for the first time in public schools are required by law to have an eye examination. Each student is to present proof of having been examined by an appropriately licensed physician or optometrist within the previous year and before October 15 of the current school year.


The school nurse, a certified vision and hearing technician, will conduct vision and hearing screenings and inform the parent of the need for further evaluation. Any parent or teacher who feels that a student needs to be screened may refer their child to the school nurse. Vision screenings will be conducted annually for all school age children who are in PreK, K, 2nd and 8th grades as well as for students with IEPs. Hearing screenings are conducted for PreK through 3rd grades, as well as for students with IEPs. Both can also be done by teacher referral. In lieu of the screening services, a completed and signed report form indicating that the child has had an ear or vision test by a physician, audiologist, or a licensed optometrist within the previous 12 months is acceptable.


A parent or legal guardian of a student may object to hearing and vision screenings on religious grounds. If a religious objection is made, a written and signed statement from the parent or legal guardian detailing such objections must be presented to the local school authority. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow hearing and vision screening will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements.


School District Student Illness Guidelines

The district has set certain guidelines to help you decide whether or not to send your child to school. Some diseases spread easily and we work to prevent this as much as possible. We encourage frequent hand washing, proper diet and rest. Most importantly, we ask you to keep your children home when they are sick. We recognize that working parents aren't always free to stay home with sick children but, in the interest of all the children, we ask you to use good judgment and keep a sick child home.


If you have any questions for school district nurse Karen Miranda, please call 223-1111. If she cannot be reached immediately, leave a voice message and she will return your call as soon as possible. As always, the medical information provided here is not to be used in lieu of medical care from your child's doctor.

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